As a lender, ensuring the security of financial transactions is of utmost importance. With the increasing threat of financial fraud and cybercrime, it is crucial to establish a secure platform for performing transactions. This not only protects the assets of your business and that of your customers, but also helps in maintaining the credibility and reputation of the lender.

To address this challenge, we’ve introduced a new solution that would allow you set security checks before a transaction can be carried out. This feature offers tighter security measures and gives lenders better control over outbound transactions. The security conditions in place verify the recipient’s identity, confirm correct information, and ensure accurate transaction details. This reduces the risk of unauthorized transfers and minimizes the possibility of financial losses.

Lenders can also take advantage of various security checks like Karma, which cross-references against known bad actors, selfie-BVN image match to prevent real-time fraudsters, and approved KYC documents to ensure that official government IDs have been approved. These checks provide an added layer of security and help in detecting and preventing fraud.

By implementing Lendsqr’s security conditions for outbound transactions, lenders can reap numerous benefits. It provides better control over fraud detection and prevention, enables effective risk management, and protects data privacy and confidentiality.

As a lender seeking to enhance the security of transactions, this feature is a highly effective and innovative solution. It balances the security and business objectives of the lender, giving them peace of mind while they continue to offer their services to customers. 

By taking advantage of this opportunity, lenders can ensure the safety of their financial assests, maintain their credibility, and continue to grow their lending business.

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