Lending is a game of data – if you know as much as possible about your customer, you can make a good decision about if to give a loan, how much to give, or even for how long to give or not to give.

However, getting this data is harder than breaking a coconut with one’s head. It’s either the data are hard to find or very expensive. Many of the lenders that have tried to use “open banking data providers” have seen how unreliable and expensive this can be.

But then, Lendsqr solves lending problems, right? Yes!

This time, we have solved half of it. What if you could get cheap, extremely reliable and fast data about your customers? What if you could see the other bank accounts they never even mentioned? The one where some of the loans they didn’t disclose are hiding.

By the way, we aren’t the first to solve this problem. But we are the first to solve it well and make it available even to our web lenders.

Oraculi SDK is our software development kit that powers this data access and insights. It is available for Android lending apps and also web apps that run on our Lendsqr lending platform.

And we’re able to do all these in the most ethical way possible. For every data we get from the customer, they provide informed and explicit consent.

Furthermore, our cost is the cheapest in Africa because we know that lending requires the most cost-effective but efficient system, data, and processes for lenders to succeed.

We charge in local currency and lenders pay per use. There is zero cost for no hits; we don’t make money when you don’t get any data.

Don’t lend in the dark, be smart! Why not reach out to our Growth team today to know more because, we’ve cracked the lending code for you.

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