Use multiple credit bureaus to double your protection

double protection with multiple credit bureaus

Lendsqr has taken a bold step to make lending more secure and effective by offering a feature that allows lenders to link multiple credit bureau services. This innovative feature is a game-changer for the lending industry in Nigeria, where access to accurate credit information is vital for managing credit risk and reducing non-performing loans. At […]

Get bank accounts and statements of your borrowers. Almost free.

Get bank accounts and statements for your borrowers. Almost free.

Lending is a game of data – if you know as much as possible about your customer, you can make a good decision about if to give a loan, how much to give, or even for how long to give or not to give. However, getting this data is harder than breaking a coconut with […]

Meet Adjutor: Your critical support for making better credit decisions

Introducing Adjutor; Lendsqr API service

Nothing scares a lender more than giving loans to someone who doesn’t make the cut right from the word go.  With enough data, lenders can have better assurance of lending to the right borrowers with the capacity and history of paying back.  Unfortunately, as much as data and algorithms are good for smart decisions, getting […]

FCCPC regulations for digital lenders

FCCPC regulations for digital lenders

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC); the regulatory agency responsible for ensuring consumer protection and regulating competition in Nigeria, recently released a Limited Interim Regulatory/Registration Framework for Digital Lending. This regulatory framework is enforceable whilst they work on a more comprehensive framework to guide the operations of digital lenders in Nigeria. The Commission […]