A typical state lender who has about N20 million capital is targeting the working class Nigeria, targeting loan sizes of N30,000 to N150,000. Knowing they stand no chance of growing the business if they demand their borrowers come to an office, they invariably would need technology, such as a mobile or website, to reach their prospective customer base.

Knowing you need technology is one thing, being able to build and launch is another. This is usually the waterloo for most lenders. They fall prey to sweet and fast talking script kiddies, who know next to nothing about loans and their nuances. .

Here’s how to sign up and start lending for free

Lendsqr has developed a self-onboarding process through which lenders can sign up and get a free web app in 5 minutes. It costs all of N0 and lenders are able to save their capital to be able to give almost all of it in loans to generate revenue.

Step 1: Visit Lendsqr 

Step 2: Click on “sign up for free

Step 3: Fill in all the required information: Personal details, business information, bank details

Step 4: Click on “Complete profile”

Step 5: Quickly create loan products and set up decision criteria

And voila! You’re all set. You too are now a proud owner of a new lending app.

Once you’re all set up on the web, it’s time to let your customers discover your app. You can share your web app URL with customers right away; the app can be used from a desktop or mobile phone (mobile responsive).

Also, setting up a new web app with Lendsqr doesn’t mean you lose your existing customers. If you have an existing client list with emails and phone numbers, you can upload these contacts onto the Lendsqr platform and automatically send loan invites to your customers (Neat!)

What can your customers do with your web app?

Your web app acts almost like a digital bank and can do what most banking apps do. The core of their functionality is that your customers can apply for loans seamlessly with a fully automated loan process.

Your customers can also update the profiles, withdraw loans from their wallet, view their transactions and loan history and refer friends all on the web app.

Additionally , you’ll never be too far from your customers with the in-app chat function also available on the web app. Lendsqr has partnered with Freshworks to give you up to $10,000 credit on the customer support platform so you are only ever a click away from your customers.

There’s always room for more

The web app is a great addition to your business and when you are ready to scale your business and expand the number of channels you give out loans on(USSD, mobile app), you can reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s get talking!


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