Nothing scares a lender more than giving loans to someone who doesn’t make the cut right from the word go. 

With enough data, lenders can have better assurance of lending to the right borrowers with the capacity and history of paying back. 

Unfortunately, as much as data and algorithms are good for smart decisions, getting access to good quality and cost-effective data is almost impossible. 

Is it? 

With tons of experience behind Lendsqr and tough lessons learned from being the platform of choice for thousands of lenders, we have developed significant capabilities to help any lenders to make decisions.

We exist only to help lenders.

This is where Adjutor comes in. Derived from the Latin word for “helper,” Adjutor is our API platform. Adjutor offers a subset of Lendsqr’s services, focusing on providing credit decision and KYC validation APIs to support lenders in making more informed lending decisions.

Adjutor’s core value proposition is in data for credit decisions and validation, with critical offerings such as our Karma blacklist and Ecosystem endpoints tailored to providing you (as a lender) with community immunity by allowing you to filter out and block already blacklisted users or chronic defaulters within our ecosystem. In addition to these, our decisioning APIs will enable you to choose a credit scoring module that suits your business and configure it to reflect your credit policies.

By using Adjutor’s APIs, Nigerian lenders can enhance their technology stack with reliable credit data without the need for extensive investments in technology systems. Adjutor offers you the data you need to make well-informed lending decisions starting from just N10/API calls and only for successful hits. 

At Lendsqr, we are committed to providing innovative and flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of Nigerian lenders. This way, they can focus on what they do best: lending.

We understand the challenges that come with running a lending business in Nigeria and we are here to help you succeed. So why wait? Sign up for Adjutor today and take your lending operations to the next level!

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