Boosting your lending app rating on Google and Apple app stores

Boosting your lending app rating on Google and Apple app stores

Think about all the apps you’ve installed over the last few years. What was the first thing that caught your eye and would ultimately determine whether you would proceed to download the app or bypass it in search of a better alternative? If you’re like everyone else with commonsense, then ratings and reviews tend to […]

Hurdles to scale to become a lender

Hurdles to scale to become a lender

Lending is a profitable business and is probably as old as time itself. Lending has subsequently evolved into fintech, which when done well, grows faster and attracts significant valuations than traditional banks. But lending is a tough business and those who do it deserve special praises and sometimes even prayers; they help the sick get […]

Lendsqr and Mono partner to power the next generation of lenders

Lendsqr partners with Mono to provide bank statement data for better access to credit

Most Nigerians don’t have a credit history which affects lenders’ ability to assess loan applications and hence, limits borrowers’ access to credit. However, Lendsqr has partnered with Mono to provide lenders with customers’ bank statement data which assists them in making better informed decisions about borrowers’ capacity to repay their loans. Access to credit is […]

Ethical ways to recover loans

A not-so-fun fact you need to know about running a lending business is that the biggest challenge every Nigerian lender faces is not technology, capital or regulatory constraints, but how to recover loans and the scary fact is that Nigerians don’t pay back their loans. While one might be tempted to sympathize and assume that […]

Are lenders evil for charging high interest rates?

The average lender today would typically charge 4% — 10% per month (48% — 120% per year) on a loan. Whoa. Does it make you wonder how they are able to recover loans with these rates? What probably immediately comes to mind is how crazy and horrible these rates are and that there is no way […]

Lendsqr’s guide to responsible lending

Credit is one of the surest ways to grow an economy and bring smiles to the faces of small business owners, artisans trying to finish a supply, and fathers trying to provide for their families. If you’re a lender reading this, you’re probably thinking you made the right decision choosing this line of business right? […]

How big is the addressable market for consumer loan in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s 200 million-strong population is often the ultimate proof that the giant of Africa has a large market for just about anything. The belief is that as long as you make anything, you can sell it here. But our economic realities have helped us adjust those mythic expectations and what we now talk a lot about […]

We built Lendsqr to innovate affordable credit for all

There’s no shortage of research to show how crucial consumer credit is to the average Nigerian and the economy as a whole. But we like to think of credit from how it affects people and it is often the one tool people use to deal with economic shocks. In Nigeria, those economic shocks can be […]

Lenders battle against fraudsters; a case for an industry blacklist

In Kenya, an estimated 3.2 million people — 6% of the population — have been blacklisted on Kenya’s TransUnion credit reference bureau for non-repayment of digital credit loans. Being placed on a blacklist like this means that you won’t be granted loans from other lender in the country. It would also mean that you will be ineligible for […]