Why Credit Scoring is Important to Lending

A big determinant in whether you decide to lend a borrower money or not is the confidence you have in the borrower’s ability and willingness to pay you back your money. We have mentioned before that their ability and willingness to return your money are two very different things. Just because someone has the means to pay their debts doesn’t mean […]

The Know-how of Financial Lending

In a country like Nigeria, the quest for knowledge on financial literacy is growing. It is the hold of this knowledge, from understanding basic financial concepts, that allows individuals to make informed and effective financial decisions. It’s quite agreeable that people with better financial literacy training make better financial decisions. As the title of this […]

How to assess the risks to a loan application

How to assess the risks to a loan application

Assessing/evaluating a loan application is all about weighing the risk to your money. The more you can reduce or eliminate that risk, the better. It all boils down to your confidence in the applicant’s credit worthiness. Assessing a loan application is the process by which you determine if an applicant qualifies for your loan, and […]