Meet Adjutor: Your critical support for making better credit decisions

Introducing Adjutor; Lendsqr API service

Nothing scares a lender more than giving loans to someone who doesn’t make the cut right from the word go.  With enough data, lenders can have better assurance of lending to the right borrowers with the capacity and history of paying back.  Unfortunately, as much as data and algorithms are good for smart decisions, getting […]

A Guide to the Nigerian Financial Ecosystem: Players, Services, and Regulators

The Nigerian financial industry is a vast and complex landscape that can be challenging to navigate, even for experienced professionals. For fintechs looking to enter this market, understanding the intricacies of the financial ecosystem is crucial to success. However, with so much information to sift through, it can be daunting to know where to start.

How the Lendsqr Karma service blocks bad actors and defaulters

How the Lendsqr Karma service blocks bad actors and defaulters

The greatest weapon of most unrepentant serial loan defaulters is the “lack of updated information”. Bad actors know that lenders don’t share information amongst themselves so often. With an opportunity laid out for them, they take advantage by going from one lender to another causing great financial distress. This unfortunate circumstance is uncommon with any […]

Lendsqr and HyperVerge partner to thwart loan fraudsters in Africa

At least 6% of loan applications to digital lenders contain identity fraud. Since the advent of digital lending, the time it takes to get loans has reduced from days to sometimes seconds. Unfortunately, it has also made it easier for fraudsters to use stolen identities to take loans. This has given rise to the use […]

Paystack vs. Flutterwave – which is better for loan collection?

Paystack vs. Flutterwave – which is better for loan collection_

For anyone running a lending business, getting paid on time is the number one priority. Now that a significant portion of lending is digital, getting paid online is very critical. This is where many lenders get into arguments about which of Flutterwave or Paystack is better for loan collection. We decided to find out for […]

Urgent10k: Meeting the emergency cash needs of Nigerians

Blog cover: how Urgent10k is meeting Nigerian's emergency cash needs

Understanding the consumer credit landscape in Nigeria Nigeria’s untapped consumer credit needs currently stands at about N109 trillion. While individuals and MSMEs in certain more developed economies are able to turn to the banks to fulfill their credit needs, the reality of accessing credit from banks for the average Nigerian is quite bleak. Out of […]